Frequently Asked Questions

I am not proficient in any design software and not sure how to proceed with my design?

No problem. Come and visit us for a no charge initial chat. We will review your idea and give you some guidance as to the best way to progress the idea and what potential path your product will take

Can you help with patent of the product?

We have worked with patent attorneys and built up good working relationships with them. So we can advise and pass you to the one best suited for your needs.

I'm on a budget and would like to know how much will it cost?

That’s impossible to say at the start of the process but we can give you some guides as to the potential costs. If the design idea is clear, we will be able to give a quotation for each stage of the work regarding the volume of your pruduct.

Once we have a clear idea as to what you need, yes, the prices are fixed. We do recommend that you budget a percentage for unforced changes required during the development stage, but our experience will guide you as to what this should be.


Can you help produce my product?

Yes. We have worked with big manufacturing companies with a range of technologies to choose from. We can arrange the whole project from concept to production of your product.

3D Scan and Rendering