About us

Armada 3d PTY Ltd is an established engineering consultancy company, providing creative and technical solutions to all known industry not only in South Africa but to the world.

First established in 2016, Armada 3d PTY Ltd quickly gained a reputation for being a product design consultancy in South Africa. We have over 7 years of experience designing revolutionary products for a wide range of markets. Our aim is to continually raise the benchmark whilst simultaneously helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Armada 3d’s expert knowledge has transformed our solutions into successful commercialized products. Our clients vary in size, we’ve worked closely with start-up entrepreneurs and national companies. We have a proven track record helping clients through combinations of creative and technical solutions.

We focus on providing clients with highly accurate, fully engineered design solutions reinforced by our understanding of the manufacturing process.

We offer a personalised approach to all our clients. Our designers will work closely with you, ensuring accountability and a better understanding of your needs. We guide clients from concept to commercially viable product.